Since the number of construction in Indonesia is increasing, it must be supported with improved working skills and the use of chemicals for construction.

There are several benefits of using chemicals for construction Industry, one of them is to improve the quality and durability of a building’s structure. This has been used by a lot of experts, and therefore applied on many projects in Indonesia.

After many years of experience in building chemicals, we finally established Talenta in 1995, a company that specializes in Construction Chemical Distribution and Application Services.

Our main intention in creating this website is to provide detailed information about our business, the Scope of Works, Management Profile and Project References that our company has accomplished.

In 2015, we became the first company to establish a chemical construction online store. For further information please visit

We hope that we could contribute our knowledge and experience, and also participate in building constructions in Indonesia

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your attention and the trust that you given to us.